Saira O’dwyer - Philosophi

Saira is the founder of Philosophi, a digital marketing agency specialising in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Saira teamed up with me to work on refining her business, setting goals and generating new leads. Here she shares her experience of working with me, the results that have followed and the impact that it has had on her and the business.

"I reached out to Thad for mentoring when I was 18 years old. After my first year of doing freelance and struggling, I found Thad through a post on Instagram and immediately took action and got in touch with him and set up the first call. It was a life-changing call. Thad is an expert on branding and also a great businessman. He helped me from starting from the bottom, getting my first job in a digital agency, then corporate, and now happily producing designs and videos for clients around the world as an independent business owner. Thad helped to go from from making close to no money to 4-5 figures a month and growing. Thad’s advice is very clear and will have a great impact on your business, all it requires is for you to take action!"

Sami Mititelu

"I was introduced to Thad through his Facebook group. He has since then, been extremely helpful. A bank of knowledge who has always shared real world guidance and tips. He has helped me find direction in my work and how to proceed with my career. When in doubt I always know I can count on him to solve my problem without hesitation. A very easy-going and approachable individual. He is very clear about everything he does and says and always suggests tried and tested methods of working in the industry. No individual usually enjoys receiving criticism but any kind of advice or suggestions coming from Thad are worth it. I say this as someone who has started out as a beginner in the design industry and someone who has recently moved to the UK from another country. I am extremely grateful to him and confident about his skills. I would not hesitate even once to recommend his services as a mentor or brand consultant."

Jaini Parekh

"Thad is generous, knowledgeable and gives tailored, thoughtful advice. After implementing what he’s shared in my proposals and case studies, I’ve gotten such great feedback from clients and booked significantly more jobs that align with the direction I want to take in freelance work. I know I’ve upped my professionalism thanks to Thad. He’s a genuine person and willing to share so much from his experience. I’m very thankful to know him."

Sarah Nee
Blissberry Design

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